Frequently Asked Questions

*Is there ever a fee charged for your services?

No. All of our direct hire placements are Employer Fee paid.

*What is the advantage of using your services rather than submitting my resume on my own?

Our recruiting staff works directly with both our client's Management team and their internal Talent Acquisition Recruiters which will expedite the review of your resume and arranging an interview. As 'Career Counselors', we will assist you throughout your job search beginning with your resume review, the interviewing process, salary and benefit negotiations, and your current employer resignation letter.

*How quickly should I expect to start with my new employer once I accept an offer?

Typically you will give your current employer a standard two week notice, and if necessary an additional week for relocation. SSG will assist you with advice regarding resigning with your present employer.

*Where are most of your job opportunities located?

Most of our opportunities are in North and South Carolina, but are not necessarily limited to those states.

North Carolina: Charlotte, Western Carolina, Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, RTP), and the Triad (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point)

South Carolina: Greenville, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach.

*What are the salary ranges?

Salary ranges vary depending on your skill set, years experience, and our client companies' internal salary structure.  We usually can determine your salary range based upon the evaluation of your resume and current or last compensation.

*If I have any questions during the placement process do I call you or the client company?

No. Our clients are relying on SSG to act as an extension of their Human Resources and Staffing departments performing preliminary screening of candidates for them.  Companies prefer not to have calls from the candidate unless otherwise directed.

*Will you send my resume out to companies without my knowledge?

NO. When we find an appropriate fit between you and a prospective client company, we will call you first to see if there is any interest.  We will NOT send a resume out to a client company without your initial approval.

Responsibility to the Applicant:

Strive for the right of all individuals who want the dignity of work to choose their field of endeavor and utilize their abilities and talents for personal fulfillment and the good of our country.

Extend professional service to all qualified employed and unemployed candidates regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, income level, or physical handicap.

-NC Association of Personnel Services, Code of Ethics



"The right people, at the right place, at the right time...A principal management philosophy."