Systems Search Group, Inc. is pleased to assist you with your Technical search and recruiting efforts and consider ourselves a Human Resource recruiting extension of your company.  Our firm proactively reaches out to local, regional, and national areas to identify qualified professional candidates seeking new challenges.

Systems Search Group, Inc. is built on a 25 year reputation.  Our thorough pre-screening process will provide a profitable service by saving you time, money, and effort.  We are committed to accomplishing all job search assignments in a timely manner.

The follow is a description of our Technical Recruiting Search and Placement Process:

Job Description Analysis  We perform a complete job analysis and company profile to help assure candidates will meet our client's needs.

Candidate Recruit Process  Our certified personnel consultants (CPC) assertively use proven professional recruiting methods to locate and identify the most technically knowledgeable candidates who will create, plan, and deliver.

Candidate Counseling  We assess candidate expectations regarding salary and relocation issues as well as motivation and seriousness for making a job change.

Candidate Presentation  Candidates who best meet our client needs are submitted with a profile summary, resume and salary expectations. Reference checking is also completed.

Interview Process  We assist in coordinating interviews as well as debriefing both client companies and candidates.

Finalist Selection Once the finalist is selected, we will present a job offer providing assistance with compensation and benefit negotiations to assure a successful completion of the job search and hire.

Guarantee Policy SSG offers a 30/ 60 day guarantee policy depending upon the fee percentage.

Responsibility to the Employer:

To represent the best interest of the employer by acting as an effective extension of the employer's recruitment efforts and respecting confidential client information.

-NC Associate of Personnel Services, Code of Ethics


                                      *SYSTEMS SEARCH GROUP, INC. CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!*

                "The right people, at the right place, at the right time...A principal management philosophy."